Why is a social media strategy a must for small business owners?

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10 Apr

Why is a social media strategy a must for small business owners?

Social media remains a strange concept for small business owners. When comes the time to use these platforms as catalysts to their web marketing strategies, many questions arise.


A 2015 CEFRIO study showed that 29, 7% of adults in Quebec use social media as a go-to resource before they make a purchase. In 2016, another CEFRIO study on digital profiles of Quebec households stated that 90% of them are now connected to the internet.

Potential buyers today are looking to purchase quickly, locally and intelligently. They will research their purchases, compare, get informed and seek out reviews.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter; so many of them are out there! How to know which ones to invest in?

Keeping your original marketing/communications plan in mind, planning your social media strategy will require you to know who your prospects are in order to match them to the proper channels.

Gather your market intelligence in order to know your competitors’ standing. This practice will guide you toward the trending channels. What are their posts about? Where are your competitors saying? What is their following? What does their audience comment about?

Find your demographics: age, sex, geographic area, profession, mobile usage trends, interests, etc. This data will allow you to identify the platforms to use in order to convert your prospects.

Get informed. Each social media platform culture is different. You will need to adapt your approach to each one. For instance, addressing your Facebook fan will differ from the way you speak to your Twitter follower.


Using an effective social media strategy will require a smaller financial investment than what you would have generally used back in the days, in a mass advertising campaign. Furthermore, you will reach more people. Seven out of ten social media users follow at least one organization, company or celebrity. Adequately using social media helps you promote your business directly to the consumer (B2C) , in real time, locally, 24/7.

The progressive mobile phone generalization has made access to social media platforms much easier and also allows the user to benefit from localisation applications. Here is a fun fact: did you know that 90% of mobile phone owners use their devices to browse the internet?

Social media presence is a must for businesses today. They are a pivotal point of every efficient and cohesive web marketing strategy. Making smart choices will boost your notoriety and sales with incredible momentum. Are you ready for success?


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