Emotional marketing: the “feelings” strategy

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1 Feb

Emotional marketing: the “feelings” strategy

This marketing strategy converts prospects using a very natural rhythm where an emotional connection is created between potential customers and the product or service being offered. How does emotional marketing drive your target market to purchase? Find out how...

Emotional marketing is about the ability to tap into your target market’s heart and unlocking how to emotionally engage with them. You will be appealing to their hearts rather than their brains. Marketing strategies of the past were based on creating perceptions and promoting dreams. The objective behind this current trending strategy is to target emotions in the here -and-now in order to drive consumers to purchase. This is because when faced with a powerful emotion, one tends to react more spontaneously and less rationally.

Even though the main actors here are people’s emotions, you must still go through the usual motions in order to obtain your market data and statistics. Once all the pieces are in place, your main task will be to make an impression on your prospects and become memorable to them. For example, think of a movie, a book or a commercial that made an impression on you. You will notice that oftentimes the emotions evoked are linked to the associated memories brought back from past experiences. In brief, a connection is subconsciously formed between the emotion and that particular memory which gets triggered by a specific sound, image or video.

Happiness and love are among the most powerful of human emotions. Coca-Cola has been successfully channelling them for years. We associate their products with pleasurable, happy, memorable experiences. Every single message, design and image speaks of happiness, passion for life and community values. You won’t see any lengthy product descriptions, but you definitely will be left with the desire to drink up that trademark Coca-Cola experience. For instance, take a look at this advertisement and keep your emotions in mind as you watch. Then, go and visit their Facebook page to better understand their strategy.

The company communicates a clear and coherent message to its potential clients at all times, through its communication channels. It uses emotional marketing and “Storytelling” as its main strategies to make an impact on their target markets.

Negative emotions such as anger, fear and disdain can also reach the same communication goal. The SAAQ has also successfully demonstrated this strategy in their recent campaign against texting and driving. Their message is meant to shock the public with graphic images and videos of car accidents illustrating the results of texting and driving.

In sum, seduce your audience by making them laugh or fall in love with your brand. You may also choose to use powerful emotions such as anger or sadness to reach your goal. The feelings evoked will have such an impact that your brand name will imprint in their memories and thus influence their choice at the moment of purchase. Go ahead! Reach out to your potential clients and connect through their emotions.



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