5 Website Design trends to consider in 2017

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2 Jan

5 Website Design trends to consider in 2017

Different times call for different measures! Ten years ago, a website’s lifespan could reach up to seven years. Today, it needs to be redesigned every two to three years.

The Web keeps evolving and beating records. Furthermore, it is prompting website owners to stay ahead of the competition by reviewing their strategies and the way they present their products and services online. Website designers must, on their part, continuously innovate and follow the constant changes in website users’ behavior.

Let’s take a look at 5 key trends to consider in 2017 when designing a website.


In 2015, Google announced that worldwide, mobile queries had outnumbered desktop ones. Needless to say that this global phenomenon continues to impact the way the Web is perceived.

Mobile First consists in initially designing a website in its mobile version rather than converting it from a desktop one.

Designing a mobile version means using only the essentials. Content space being limited, the outcome is a site geared towards user actions. Design, images, texts, functions… every element is based on user experience.


Since 2013, this trend consisting in creating a site based on two-dimensional esthetics has been spreading widely. This concept replaces frilly graphics and 3D illusions with a flat design.

The key word here is: simplicity! A clean and minimalist design allows for faster, easier and more intuitive browsing. From now on, complex illustrations or depth images are to be steered away from.


Even though this practice has been, and still is quite popular, current digital trends and the intense competition occurring on the Web are bringing marketing specialists to put their money, more than ever,on the importance of a unique selling proposition (USP).

This trend is making companies reflect on their mission statements. What is the company’s reason for existence and how will it reach its goals? Which basic need does the company’s product/service respond to?

By now you understand that the idea is to go straight to the point (2nd item addressed in this article) and to send out a clear and unique message. So logically, content-heavy slideshows are no longer a go-to.


Videos are a win on the internet, it’s no secret. They represent slightly over 60% of total internet traffic. Since it has never been simpler to create quality video content and public interest is at a high, showing no signs of dwindling in the near future, a powerful way to increase your conversion rate is to integrate relevant video content to your website.


The digital landscape displays a plethora of royalty-free photos. In 2017, although alluring images are important, it has become crucial to humanize brands on the internet. Storytelling would particularly be a winning strategy to connect to the consumer.

This being said, investing in a professional photographer will help project a real and positive image and will also avoid overuse of stock images which are often displayed on competing company websites.


As Leonardo Da Vinci once said: SIMPLICITY is the ultimate sophistication...



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