The democratization of online advertising

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17 Aug

The democratization of online advertising

This is not a revelation. Digital advertising has been competing increasingly with traditional media. Several large companies have quickly acted and seized the opportunity, changing their marketing strategy. Meanwhile, others still have some reservations, or rather, do not realize the potential of search engines (promotional links), social media, and Google Display Network (advertising banners) in promoting their brand.


Regardless, the standardization of advertising formats, the mobile trend, and the popularity of social media and online videos have had a real impact on steering marketing budgets towards the Internet. The web has quickly become the space to build your reputation and brand image.


Like with every organizational decision, the need to estimate the return on investment and the cost of acquiring a customer is of paramount importance. Web advertisers and marketing specialists must regularly analyze data conversions and use effective tools to measure the impact of digital strategies. Often, adjustments are required along the way. We must, therefore, remain alert, closely follow the campaign, and be able to adapt it at any time.

Although the cost of online advertising is relatively affordable, you should not discount the cost of its implementation and maintenance. Check with your advertiser regarding the cost for the complete management of all advertising related actions.


Like the lottery, companies should never hope for a winning combination during the launch of a new campaign. Advertising has never had a magical formula that would guarantee explosive reactions every time. However, there are factors that maximize its chances of success.
The choice of the message, broadcast channel, targeting, and the allocated budget are some of the key elements to consider when developing a campaign strategy.

Having said that, online advertising does not guarantee immediate success. You often need to readjust the goal, perform A/B testing, and quickly react to user feedback. Other factors must also be considered such as digital offensives from competitors, market trends, consumer behavior, etc.

In short, as with any type of communication, spreading the right message to the right people, at the right time and through the right channel are the key factors to successfully achieving your performance goals.


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