Facebook for business: 3 practices to develop your notoriety

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21 Nov

Facebook for business: 3 practices to develop your notoriety

A 2015 CEFRIO study showed that 30% of adults in Quebec will browse their social media platforms before committing to a product/service purchase.

In order to attract future prospects to your page and uphold their interest, consider using the following three practices to optimize your Facebook page reach.


Invite your fans to participate, ask questions, get to know their interests in order to share content which responds to their needs. In doing this, you will build a strong community of faithful patrons.

According to Facebook, Pages receives 5 billion comments and messages every month. In order to encourage interactions, it is imperative you respond in a timely manner. Because a prolonged response time can disengage a prospect, make sure you activate the Facebook notifications feature on your profile to keep track of incoming messages and comments.

Furthermore, avoid only posting promotional messages on your page as this will frustrate your audience. Educate, inform and entertain your readers. To maintain a positive relationship with your prospects, you must connect with them emotionally.


To attract fans and keep them interested, choose catchy and thought-provoking content. The information you share on your page will have an impact on whether this prospect will purchase from your company or not.

Address your audience in a language familiar to them. You want to ensure they comprehend your message and that they feel at home. Your prospect needs to connect with your company so share photos and captivating visual content, emphasize your logo and put your slogan forward. Moreover, share relevant non-promotional, unique or popular content.

Be creative! Go with inspirational or funny quotes, articles and pictures pertaining to your field, quizzes or "Did you know?" posts, etc.


Facebook (62, 4 %) and YouTube (57, 4 %) are, this year once again, the two most used platforms by more than half of the adult population in Quebec. This being said, post more videos and you’ll get more views.

On the other hand, professional videos can be costly so Facebook offers a solution with Facebook Business. This tool called Carousel Format Ads will allow you to create a video using pictures, text and music.

Facebook also launched a new feature called Facebook Live which allows you to connect with your fans in real time thus generating clicks and live interactions.

To summarize, by optimizing these three practices, you will create a buzz on your page and interactions which will help increase its reach. Your community will grow as will your number of prospects!

So what are you waiting for? Get to your pages!


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