Website design: content is king and so is the user

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26 Oct

Website design: content is king and so is the user

WARNWARNING! This article may shock certain website owners!

Rule 3.0: ergonomics principals not only apply to your workstation’s layout, but also in what concern us directly, the user-friendliness of your website’s graphic environment.

A website’s ergonomics are defined by their capacity to meet the users’ expectations intuitively and efficiently by offering them “browsing comfort”.

Accessible anywhere and everywhere, your website is your marketing tool. It never closes and reaches a large online community patiently waiting to be wooed by your content proposal and by how easy it can find whatever is needed.

Keep in mind that you are a click away from scaring away a potential customer! To ignore these ergonomics principals is to risk the loss of prospects even when your product/service is what they needed to begin with.

What exactly do ergonomics principals mean in Web-talk? Here are a few hints...


Avoid unnecessary clicks within your website and try not to overload your pages. Your website visitors are human beings. They are in a hurry and have no time to waste. Get to the point! No muss, no fuss!

Furthermore, a heavy website takes longer to download. Three seconds is enough time to discourage a user and motivate him to check out your competitor’s website. Ouch!

Even if they are highly effective, avoid pop-ups as much as possible. They are among most web users’ top primary frustration triggers. Use them with moderation and please, do not have one “pop” at every click.


In terms of browsing experience, your information architecture must flow. Your main menu must paint a clear picture of your site’s content. A logical, coherent, simple and airy environment will contribute to efficient browsing.

Certain item location methods exist to help your browsing experience to flow. For example: the logo, the search bar, language modification, access to the company’s contact information, etc. Be certain that you are using the most popular interaction methods currently on the web.

Don’t forget to update your website information!


First of all, if your site still isn’t adapted for mobile phones, you are way behind in the game. Not only are you losing visitors but your visibility on Google is presently negatively affected by it.

Since 50% of online visits are done from mobile phones, make sure that your content is 100% adapted to this type of device. Cut out whatever is useless and emphasize the important information. This being said, avoid long paragraphs and never-ending presentations. Finally, ensure that your telephone number is clearly visible everywhere and at all times.

Competition is fierce. The user’s experience is at the heart of Web ergonomics principals. You must woo the web-user quickly by integrating new practices which revolve around him. Great content will not compensate for a badly adapted Web design.

And there you have it!


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